Adult Stars in Cast of Mainstream 3D Film

Oliver Sanders
LOS ANGELES — Currently in production, two mainstream independent titles, "Amateur Porn Star Killers 3" and "Amateur Porn Star Kill 3D: Inside the Head," will feature performances by adult performers Sunny Lane, Reagan Reese, Anita Cannibal, William Margold, Jayden Green, Queen Diva, Samantha Joy, Anita Blue and Kelly Shibari.

The cast also includes mainstream actors Douglas Dunning of “Black Dahlia Movie: The Elizabeth Short Story” and Sean Cain, who appeared in “Werewolf in a Women's Prison.”

Director-writer Shane Ryan told XBIZ he is hoping to pick up last-minute cameos from other porn stars as well. He described the twin productions as “mocksnuffumentary," or comedic, fake snuff films.

“I think this film is really on that fine line between porn and horror,” Ryan said. “I don’t really like horror movies and I don’t know much about adult films either, so it was really interesting to get into this.”

“Amateur Porn Star Killer 3” features hardcore sex scenes involving Reese, Joy and Green, but the 3D version does not contain any hardcore. Ryan said that he believes showing penetration shouldn’t disqualify his film from garnering mainstream attention.

However, he added that the 3D title will not feature any penetration because he’s hoping to reach a wider audience.

“You don’t see hardcore sex in regular film and I always thought that was bullshit,” Ryan said. “Why can we show a girl getting her brains blown out, but we can’t show her crotch?”

Both titles will go straight to DVD distribution and will remain unrated.

Ryan’s previous credits include "Amateur Porn Star Killer," which premiered in Novemeber, and was followed by "Amateur Porn Star Killer 2." He also has helmed “So, We Killed Our Parents,” “Big Boobs, Blond Babes, Bad Blood” and “The Cold Heat.”

The titles are slated to release on Dec. 9 and are being distributed by Koch Entertainment and Cinema Epoch. According to Ryan, the DVDs will be available mainstream retail Suncoast, FYE and Frys stores.

The DVDs for the first two installments of the series are currently available at, and

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