Jet Set Hooks Up With Newbie Derec Stone

JC Adams,
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Bodybuilder Derec Stone has signed on as the newest Jet Set Man. The 26-year-old anchors upcoming pictures “Slide” and “Muscle Mountain” from Jet Set Productions.

Jet Set described the strapping, 6-foot 1-inch Midwesterner as “not your ordinary-looking farm boy from the plains. With blue-green eyes the color of the sea in brilliant sunlight, a ripped and muscular physique and an eight-inch cock, Derec cuts an imposing figure in person and on-camera.”

He stars in “Slide” and “Muscle Mountain,” the company’s October and November releases, respectively.

Chris Steele, “Slide” director as well as Jet Set’s Head of Production, said Stone is “a chiseled work of art. Once the cameras started rolling, the Greek god in him came alive.”

Stone’s costars in “Muscle Mountain” include Lucky Daniels, Aaron James and David Dakota.

“Muscle Mountain” director John Tegan, also Jet Set’s Director of Marketing, said the straight-identified Stone was a lucky referral who fit the studio’s traditional “All-American jock” model profile.

“He’s a strong believer in a tough workout regimen and good nutrition,” Tegan told XBIZ, “which in his case gives him a stunning, muscular body.”

Stone is currently in college studying physical education. “He’s not a prima donna in any sense of the word,” Tegan said, adding that he hoped future films would emphasize the performer’s “dry sense of humor.”

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