PZP Slates 'Mamma Mia!' Erotic Spoof

JC Adams, GayPornTimes.com
FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Studpup specialists PZP Productions has begun pre-production on “Pappa Mio! Twinks & DILF,” an erotic spoof of the current ABBA movie-musical “Mamma Mia!” Newcomer Robbie Hart will headline the title.

“We plan to lampoon the hell out of the movie,” PZP owner Peter Z Pan told XBIZ.

“I have been thinking of making this parody since I saw the Broadway show in 2005,” he said. “I rushed to my hotel room that night and wrote the screenplay in two hours. I went so far as to copyright the script and assemble a cast, but we just could not afford to do the movie as I wanted it done.”

The script remained in a bottom drawer until Pan attended “Mamma Mia!” the movie musical last month.

In particular, “Mama Mia!” costar Pierce Brosnan’s critically maligned warbling sparked a desire to dust off his erotic parody. He said “Pappa Mio!” will include a musical number that spoofs Brosnan’s singing.

Pan quickly cast newcomer Hart, via MySpace.com; he compared the newbie to another PZP discovery — twink megastar Sammy Case. “I feel Robbie has that same kind of star potential,” he said. “I flew him in from Georgia to do ‘The Twink Whisperer’ and he never left. He comes across onscreen as innocent, pure and effervescent.”

“Pappa Mio!” is subtitled “Twinks & DILF” [DILF being an acronym for “Dad I’d Like to Fuck”]. Pan said he wants the “daddies” in his movie to be played by erotic idols of the 1990s or earlier and that Florida-based FabScout Entertainment is currently seeking out models to fill those roles.

The movie “will be warped without being mean-spirited,” Pan said. “I love the Broadway show and the movie, and we’re going to lovingly parody them.”

PZP has earned a rep for sex comedy spoofs such as “The Da Vinci Load,” “BeTwinked” and “Oliver Twink.”

Filming is set for October.