Lucas Entertainment Announces September Releases, Shooting Schedule

NEW YORK — Lucas Entertainment releases "Michael's Bed: Auditions 26" today on DVD.

In the film, Michael Lucas interviews five up-and-coming adult stars including Jason Crew, Jack McCarthy and Jackson Wild, before subjecting them to the entirety of his uncut member. The film has five scenes.

A director’s extended version, featuring a bonus water sports scene, is available at

Other September releases include the "Lucas Collection Vol. 3" [containing "Uncovered," "Apartments" and "Pick of the Pack"] on Sept. 15 and an as-of-yet untitled project on Sept. 25.

Also announced was Lucas Entertainment's upcoming production schedule, which includes the filming of "Return to Fire Island Parts One and Two." Lucas and mr. Pam will share directing credits on those productions.

The cast of "Return to Fire Island" will include Lucas exclusives Ben Andrews and Wilfried Knight. The films also star Rafael Alencar, Rod Barry, Nick Capra, Jason Crew, Jackson Wild and Kurt Wild.

The primary filming location will be the Belvedere Hotel. To see pictures of that location, click here.