Don Wands Increases Advertising, Adds New lines

Tod Hunter
PERRYSBURG, Ohio — Adult novelty company Glow Industries started a new ad campaign for its Don Wands line in May, focusing on the quality and design of their glass lines.

"We started a new campaign that went direct to the consumer as well as business-to-business," Glow Industries Marketing Manager Chuck Ames told XBIZ. "We advertised in Strip Las Vegas and other adult-oriented magazines."

Some ads have double-entendre headlines like "Think Pink" and "Enjoy the Blues," and one ad highlighted five styles of the company's Helix design, which is available in different color combinations. The ads were aimed at the "adult lifestyle" market and are backed up with the company's sponsorship presence at group parties and lifestyle resorts in the Ohio and Michigan area.

"We've been sponsoring events at Northaven Resort, an adults-only clothing optional upscale camping resort in Michigan," Ames said. "There are a lot of lifestylers up there. We had the Don Wands Vixen Volleyball Tournament there."

Reaction from consumers to the wands is "very positive," Ames said.

"People are excited about the ads and about the product. Once they get one in their hands, and give it a try, they're pretty excited," Ames said. "A few people are a little concerned about the hardness of glass, but once they try it they realize it's nothing to fear and it's quite safe. It's borosilicate glass."

Don Wands recently added new Pleasure Wand series that feature LED lights and vibrators, and there are more innovations in the works.

"We have a very long pipeline of product development," Ames said. "We're excited about a few things. We're working on a few patents right now. We're looking at accessories, new packaging, new markets.

"Soon we'll be launching into the gay market. We've been getting a lot of requests from Europe for information about how we're branding for the gay market. We have not done that domestically, so we're working on it right now," Ames added. "We have plans for new colors and new sizes down the road, and we'll repurpose some of our products that are big sellers in the gay market and not so much in the heterosexual market."

For more information, visit the Don Wands website.