Michael Lucas Launches Fashion Blog

JC Adams, GayPornTimes.com
NEW YORK — Performer, director and Lucas Entertainment CEO Michael Lucas has launched Lucas Style, a blog dedicated to chronicling what the company described as his “long-standing passion for cosmopolitan style.”

“There is nothing I would rather do than to take dazzling clothes off a great body,” Lucas said.

His penchant for glamour and luxury is reflected in the costuming and art direction for recent productions “Dangerous Liaisons” and “Gigolo.”

Production on “Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita” made the gossip pages when Lucas staged a photo shoot and then filmed a sex scene between costars Spencer Quest and Jamie Donovan in the walk-in dressing closet of a Marc Jacobs retail outlet.

“Lucas shot in the Marc Jacobs store on Bleecker, with the full knowledge and approval of the designer — the staff brought the crew cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery,” said a 2006 profile of Lucas in NY Magazine.

In conjunction with the launch of Lucas Style, European publisher Bruno Gmunder will release “Michael Lucas’ Gigolos” in the U.S. later this month. The tome is a photobook composed of pictures culled from the recent Lucas Entertainment catalog.

The Lucas Fashion blog will not be limited to clothes and accessories, the studio said. Its content “will serve up a fun-loving mix of tips on travel, shopping, culture, personal care and other points of interest for today’s fashion-forward readers.”

“I’ll be giving inside updates from fabulous places all over. It could watersports on Lake Como or L’Espadon [restaurant] in the Paris Ritz,” Lucas said. “Then again, it could be some incredible boutique in the East Village with great buys on jaw-dropping, chic clothes.”

He told XBIZ the blog is about furthering the “Michael Lucas Style” brand.

“As you know, I’m very much connected to Lucas Entertainment. We expect new audiences for Michael Lucas Style. It’s not just about clothes, it’s about the lifestyle I lead,” he said.

Lucas Blog was one of the first gay adult studio weblogs when it launched in 2005. It typically combines porn and politics, whereas the style blog is intended to attract a different audience segment.

Although it would seem an obvious career move, Lucas said he has no plans to launch his own branded clothing line. Instead, he referenced the designers who influence his own aesthetic.

“There are several designers and fashion houses I can’t live without,” he said. “These include Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Margiela and Rick Owens.”

He also cited Marc Jacobs and Hermès, and noted his taste varies from season to season and by the artist designing for a particular house.

Lucas stressed that he will not address politics on the new blog.

“We all know those pocket squares Hillary used work best as cum rags anyway,” he said.