Topco Sales Launches Online Community

Bob Preston
CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Adult novelty company Topco Sales has launched a new community website intended to help manufacturers, consumers and retailers connect with each other.

It's called the Topco Sales Community, and is located at The site showcases the work of six Topco Sales bloggers and also includes a message board.

Topco Sales CEO Scott Tucker said that the goal of the new community is to educate everyone about his company's products and services.

"There seems to be a gap between those who make the toys and those who buy the toys," he said. "We want to educate people and the ever-emerging Web 2.0 world gives us the perfect vehicle to do that. We also hope that our direct customers, the distributors, will take advantage of the Topco Sales Community, not to mention online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores."

Topco Director of Marketing and Public Relations Desiree Duffie added that a desire to furnish consumers with accurate information spurred the company to launch the site.

"We noticed a lot of misinformation about sex toy materials on the Internet, [and our] FAQ page addresses many of those questions and concerns," she said. "It was this page that actually inspired the creation of the Topco Sales Community. We wanted to make sure that people looking for the truth about sex toys had a legitimate source - hence the expert bloggers and the Topco Sales Community."

The six featured bloggers include Duffie, Dr. Tim, Ali, Justina, Autumn O'Bryan and Tera. All are Topco Sales employees with years of experience, and all will blog about different areas of the sex toy industry.