Sportsheets Releases Sedeux, Blush Lines

Oliver Sanders
HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Adult novelty manufacturer Sportsheets has announced the launch of its new Sedeux line of products.

The Sedeux line, which is pronounced “seduce,” will be shipping to distributors starting on Sept. 15. According to Sportsheets Director of Marketing Todd Carter the line is designed for couples.

Carter said that the impetus for launching the line was the realization by himself and Sportsheets that their top-selling harnesses happened to be favorites of straight couples.

“If you look at our sales, we’re introducing four new harnesses to the brand, but keeping our existing 12,” Carter told XBIZ “We’ve been making harnesses for a long time and we noticed that our number one seller was the New Comers strap-on kit, which is designed for straight couples — designed for her to do him for the first time. The second most popular was the Menage a Trios For Two Kit, which is designed for him to double penetrate her.”

Carter said that the new lines cater to the new “pegging” trend that he’s noticed, where women use strap-ons to have anal sex with their boyfriends. He first heard of the trend while he was in St. Louis, Mo., and that now the selected dildos and the New Comers kit carry the label “Perfect for beginners or pegging.”

While the Sedeux line may seem like a bit of a departure for Sportsheets, Carter said that it was the next logical step for the company.

“This is just capitalizing on the direction we were already going in,” Carter said. “We have always designed our harnesses the same way, with the look of good, comfortable lingerie. We design them to fit a woman’s body perfectly. Now, we’re giving it a name and a branding and trying to capitalize on that.

“A few years ago our top sellers would not have been harnesses geared toward straight couples,” Carter added. “It’s just amazing to see the growth of these harnesses, the way they continue to grow.”

The Sedeux collection contains 32 items, including harnesses, dildos and plugs.

The harnesses, which previously accommodated up to 60-inch hips, now come with an extender option that allows for up to 82-inch hips as well as extenders to accommodate larger leg and waist sizes.

“There was so much demand for it that we’ve had to come out with the harness extender,” Carter said. “I got calls this past year — several in fact — saying ‘I’m looking for a bigger harness.’ In conjunction we’ve released the first ever plus-sized design called the Divine Diva. It has a padded back support that’s a totally unique.”

Sportsheets also has launched the five item vegan-friendly, leather-free line called Blush. The line features a blindfold, collar, tether and leash set, wristbands and a paddle packaged on recyclable cards.

Both the Sedeux and Blush lines will be on display at the Las Vegas International Lingerie Show Sept. 15-17.

“We’ll have an entire Sedeux wall set up at the El Dorado booth at the lingerie show,” Carter said. “That’s where people can see it on full display.”

For more information visit the Sportsheets website.