Teravision Extends, Expands Deal With Giant Mobile

Bob Preston
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult media company Teravision has signed a three-year deal that extends its existing relationship with mobile content provider Giant Mobile.

The deal makes Giant the exclusive distributor of Teravision images and videos to mobile customers. In 2006, Teravision signed a similar deal with Giant that gave the content-delivery company rights to distrubute Teravision-themed ringtones, wallpapers, video clips and other media.

Teravision’s Evan Seinfeld told XBIZ that while this new deal extends the provisions of the 2006 agreement, it also adds a new focus on mobile content for Teravision, which has been producing more content specifically for mobile delivery and exclusively for Giant Mobile.

"We based this deal on what's been selling over the last few years, and we wanted to create more mobile-specific content for Giant and do more than just repurpose existing Teravision content," he said.

Teravision's crown jewel, Tera Patrick herself, called the deal "a win/win."

“We provide them with the quality content and they provide us with a means to reach millions of new fans,” she said.

Giant Mobile Director of Business Development Chris Camacho praised the prominent adult company.

“Tera is the biggest draw in adult entertainment," he said. "We’re thrilled to be the exclusive provider of Teravision content. Our first two years have been highly successful and we expect the future to be even brighter.”