MX Seeks Manufacturers, Distributors for its Intelligent Virtual Toy

Oliver Sanders
BRIGHTON, U.K. — After nearly a decade in development, British-based sex toy technology company MX has unveiled its first product, also called the MX.

The MX is designed and created to synchronize with specially encoded adult DVD content, as well as content broadcast on compatible IPTV boxes. It also works on Bluetooth and other compatible remote media systems. Unlike many other teledildonics technologies, the MX is wireless and does not need to be attached to a console or monitor.

According to MX company spokesperson Jules Foreman, the company is now looking to partner with interested adult manufacturers and distributors. Despite delays in the technology’s development due to issues with a previous manufacturer, he said that the technology has been rigorously and independently-tested, and is now ready to bring to market.

“The MX technology is essentially the ‘backbone’ of the toy,” Foreman told XBIZ. “And whilst we are the developers and owners of the technology and toy design, we require a manufacturer to make the outer casing of the toy which would house the internal motherboard and a distributor.”

The MX is available in both male and female versions. The male version is a “jelly-flesh silicone sleeve,” according to the MX website, while the female version is similar to a vibrator.

There also is a third design, specifically created for the gay male market.

All three designs are embedded with an encoded software motherboard and trigger modules that are controlled by the interactive DVD content which has been embedded with a “trigger track.”

The modules send pulses to certain parts of the viewers’ genitals that replicate the feeling of a character in the DVD performing a particular sexual function.

“For example, when the actress says she is going to lick the top of the viewer’s penis and does so, the relevant trigger point module will simulate that specific action,” Foreman said. “Essentially, the MX will kinesthetically replicate the visual and aural stimuli.”

At the core of the MX technology, is its ability to be operated over long and short distances. According to the company, the program can even be controlled from satellite locations.

Eventually, individual users will be able to create a trigger track on their computers using a trigger track-editing program that will enable users to create a pre-set pattern of stimulation that can be downloaded for use with the toys. In this way, partners could experience remote-controlled stimulation that would match up with a live web chat, synchronized with the MX technology.

The same trigger track-editing program enables studios to create trigger tracks that can be embedded into any pre-existing DVD content.

The company also is actively seeking production studio partners that would be interested in embedding the MX technology onto DVDs, in order to make them interactive with the new toys.

“MX compatibility software enables any existing adult DVDs to work with the toy, thus the characters in MX DVDs are the real actors and actresses who star in the films,” Foreman said. “Each individual studio may choose which of its titles to make MX compatible. The original MX DVDs also star real adult actors and actresses.”

Another added feature of the MX technology can allow the option for MX compatible DVDs to be set for the actor or actress to call the viewer by name.

“The MX is a truly special and unique toy which has to be seen to be believed and we intend to ensure that everyone will now get to see it,” MX said.

MX is affiliated with British-based IPTV provider Global Digital Broadcast, which is the parent company of adult UPTV network GoXXX.

The MX technology has been made available to all 20 GoXXX channel partners, including European adult producers Private, Harmony and Pierre Woodman, to create series of interactive DVDs.

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