Treasure Island Extends Model Contracts

JC Adams,
SAN FRANCISCO — Treasure Island Media [TIM] exclusives Christian Brad McGuire and Christian have signed what founder and owner Paul Morris jokingly termed “satanic” contract extensions through 2010.

“Brad and Christian are mainstays of the TIM cult and culture,” Morris said. “I’m truly excited to continue our sleaze-filled relationship.”

McGuire recently appeared in “Fearless” and has earned no small measure of infamy from a headlining role in “Brad McGuire’s 20-Hole Weekend.”

TIM calls Christian an “uber-bottom.” He anchored last year’s “Built to Fuck” and is currently shooting “24 Cocks in 24 Hours” for director Max Sohl.

Both men will make an appearance at the TIM booth Sept. 28 during the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.

TIM Marketing Manager Jack Jablonsky terms McGuire “a true exhibitionist” and said he approached the studio about work in 2002. “He impressed us with his huge, uncut cock and raunchy approach to sex,” Jablonsky said.

McGuire’s first scene was shot on location in Chicago and released in 2003 in the film “Riding Billy Wild.”

He said McGuire is “commanding” off-set and while on camera. “He knows how to take control and bend a bottom to his will.” According to Jablonsky, Christian was anxious to begin a career as a performer when he contacted the studio, and happened to be at the right place at the right time. “He connected with us via an online model application. At the time Max Sohl happened to be filming ‘Damon Blows America 6’ and Christian eagerly jumped on board,” Jablonsky said.

Though more easygoing in person, Jablonsky added about Christian, “when the camera turns on there is nothing that can stop him.”

And the quality both men share that is intrinsic to the “cult” of Treasure Island Media?

“Both guys are complete and total uninhibited sex pigs,” Jablonsky said.

The company describes their condomless, all-sex features as “documentary-style,” and without a narrative. “Our casting department scouts for guys with a sleazy and unapologetic approach to sex,” Jablobsky said. “We then put them together and let the sex happen. Our mission is to craft porn that the audience feels connected to and a part of.”

TIM’s films are available through a dedicated online theater, via its website and for wholesale distribution from New Barbary Coast.