Cybernet Expo Returns to San Francisco for June 2009 Event

Oliver Sanders
SAN FRANCISCO — Cybernet Expo will return to San Francisco for its 12th annual trade show June 11-13, 2009.

Cybernet Expo features seminars on operating adult websites for profit, networking opportunities and events such as marketing presentations and networking events.

Some events scheduled for Cybernet Expo 2009 are roundtable sessions for the Free Speech Coalition,’s closing night tour at the armory, D-Money’s Rock the Ball and the likely return of the XXXIronman.

YNOT’s LAJ, who serves as director of operations for Cybernet Expo, said that the company is planning on launching more events this year than at the 2008 event.

“Since last year was the first year that YNOT took over the show from previous owners Fay Sharp and Dave Gould, it was really a test for us given that it was a new city,” LAJ told XBIZ. “Now the learning curve of wholly running the show is out of the way so we can focus on a lot more.”

The show will once again be held at San Francisco’s Golden Gateway hotel in downtown San Francisco. This is the second straight year the show will take place in San Francisco. In 2007 it was held in Tampa, Fla., and in previous years was held in San Diego.

The Golden Gateway Hotel is a 26-floor, 500-room hotel with broadband access, located in the heart of San Francisco. The hotel has more than 18,000 square feet of meeting space.

“After last year's smashing success, and how wonderful it was to work with the hotel personnel, it was an easy decision to return to the Golden Gateway for a second year” LAJ said. “San Francisco has proven to be an excellent host city for our show, and the weather in June there can't be beat.”

YNOT President Connor Young said that the company has already confirmed several sponsors, including Movie Dollars, Adult Paymaster, the law firm of Eric M. Bernstein and Associates, Global Access and Alternative Merchant Processing.

“YNOT is definitely excited about the opportunity to return to San Francisco and we’ll be looking to make the 2009 Cybernet show even more memorable for our sponsors and attendees,” Young said.

Sponsorship and speaking opportunities will become available in October when relaunches. Interested companies should contact LAJ for additional details. LAJ can be reached at