MyWifeBucks Pulls Off Another Risky Location Shoot

OTTOWA — Jim and Jenn Deans of recently managed to pull of an audacious outdoor shoot at Fort Jefferson, a historic landmark 70 miles offshore of Key West, Fla.

The shoot went well thanks to an approaching hurricane, which kept the island nearly deserted, with the exception of a few park rangers.

"We had the entire fortress, the largest masonry structure in the world, as a backdrop," Jenn Deans, co-owner of MyWifeBucks, said. "It was wonderful."

Although they were in fear of getting caught, Jim Deans reported that the risk was worth the effort.

The couple has had to keep their shooting locations covert, as authorities have recently become aware of some shooting locations in advance. In the last year, the Deans have shot on an aircraft carrier, several submarines, in vintage aircraft and several forts dating back to the Spanish American war.

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