Crush Entertainment Wins Settlement Against West Coast Productions

Matt O'Conner
DETROIT — Crush Entertainment, owner of the ethnic niche affiliate program and its flagship site, has won an out-of-court settlement in a trademark infringement dispute against West Coast Productions.

Crush Entertainment alleged that West Coast Productions’ “Azz Like Whoa” DVD and video line released earlier this year would have misled the public into thinking the line was sponsored by or associated with Crush Entertainment’s “Ass Like Whoa,” which has been on the market since 2001.

West Coast Productions did not admit any wrongdoing but agreed to change the name of its series. In addition, the company must:

  • pay Crush Entertainment an undisclosed amount in damages;
  • pay all legal fees Crush Entertainment incurred diring the dispute;
  • stop production of its “Azz Like Whoa” line;
  • pay for a worldwide recall of all copies of the one title released in retail stores and online under that name;
  • never again use the name.
  • "The trademark ‘Ass Like Whoa’ is distinctive in the industry, and Crush Entertainment is smart to protect its valuable intellectual property asset,” said trademark attorney Holly Pranger, who represented Crush Entertainment in the dispute. “The adult entertainment industry is built almost entirely on trademarks, performer names and copyrighted material.”

    West Coast Productions did not return a call from XBiz at the time of this posting.