Free Speech Coalition Releases 1st Annual Report

Tod Hunter
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition will officially release its first annual report Tuesday. The report has been distributed to FSC members and will be available for public view on the FSC website on Wednesday. The report offers a brief overview of FSC’s accomplishments for the year 2007, some of FSC’s plans for 2008 and financial information about the organization for the last year.

"This is a wonderful way for us to let the industry, and our members, know what we're doing and how we're investing their membership dollars," FSC Executive Director Diane Duke told XBIZ. "For a reputable nonprofit, it seems like the smart, professional thing to do.

"It's important for us to communicate what we're doing in a compact way. And these are audited financials. And an outside CPA has looked at our financials for 2007 and reported on them"

FSC plans to continue providing the report every year to members directly and on the web for others who may have an interest.

“We at FSC never want to take our members for granted; we understand that trust and respect must be earned,” Duke said. “What could be more respectful and trusting than letting our members know how we invest their membership dollars?”

The Free Speech Coalition was established in 1991 "to lead, protect and support the growth and well-being of the adult entertainment community." The Coalition website is