AMG Brasil Sexing Up ‘Rio’

JC Adams,
SAN FRANCISCO — Athletic Model Guild has announced the forthcoming release of “Rio” on the AMG Brasil label. Currently in post production, “Rio” is centered on documentary-style interviews with performers whose actual erotic encounters and memories are then enacted.

AMG Brasil CEO Dennis Bell directed and conducts the interviews. Ricardo Onça — newcomer award nominee and breakout star of last year’s “Amazonia” two-parter — headlines alongside fan-favorite AMG exclusive Marcelo Mastro.

Costars include Jack Benelli, Alex Frias and Rick Garcia with newcomers Amaro Augusto, Rodolfo Guerra, Aleff Pavanello and DVD insert model Bruno Camargo. The studio described “Rio” as “steeped in fantasy and reality [and] focuses on the lives of the models themselves. Each is interviewed about his life in Rio de Janeiro and his sexual fantasies, which are later played out for the camera.”

The production has been “one of the most rewarding AMG Brasil productions to date,” Bell said.

He notes an unscripted scenario could have easily gone awry.

“When you’re working without a script, things can get kind of messy,” he said. “But these guys are so interesting that their interviews will get even the most jaded porn viewers going.”

The film was shot entirely on location in Rio de Janeiro.

“Rio is such a gorgeous city and the men are not only the most beautiful in the world,” Bell said, “but they also have really amazing stories to tell.”

“This isn’t one of those generic casting couch features,” he added. “It’s a fascinating look at being a gay performer in the sexiest city on Earth.”

The AMG Brasil line has typically focused on all-sex features. Nor has the company bothered to translate dialogue between the models in subtitles because “Portuguese is such a beautiful, sexual language,” Bell told XBIZ.

However, customers have indicated an interest in learning more about AMG Brasil performers and “Rio” was designed to satiate that desire.

Bell is not concerned that a consumer’s erotic fantasy about a particular model might be deflated upon learning more about the reality of his life.

“I have to say that we wouldn’t have done this if these guys were total bores,” Bell said. “But each of the men that we worked with has such an interesting story, that we just couldn’t resist. Their reality is so sexy that I can’t see it being a turnoff for their fans or even first-time AMG Brasil customers.”

He noted, for example, that Mastro identifies as gay “and has no other profession outside of gay porn. He doesn’t go-go, he’s never been to a bathhouse and he’s not a hustler. In fact, he’s a homebody.”

His “polar opposite” is Onça, who identifies as heterosexual “but he likes to fuck men because they are less complicated. He loves the gay scene and spends much of his time at the gym.”

“Rio” is the 16th release since AMG Brasil was founded in 2006, joining AMG Classics — remastered rereleases of late studio founder Bob Mizer’s original work — and the Athletic Model Guild, a modern hardcore line that carries on in the Mizer tradition.

AMG Brasil is distributed in the U.S. by Paladin Video. For more details, email Laurie Rachal at, or for additional information, email