Bijou Video Rescues Trio of Gay Erotic Classics

JC Adams,
CHICAGO — Bijou Video has re-released onto DVD a trio of classic spanking titles produced by Man’s Hand Films: “Disciplining the Undisciplined Athlete” (1989), “Lesson Well Learned” (1988) and “Spanking Little Brother” (1994).

Producer-director John Stewart founded boutique studio Man’s Hand Films in the late 1970s. It was the first company to produce gay spanking videos.

Bijou has redesigned the original labels and packaging. They also remastered each film via digital capture technology, a process the company described as “costly and time-consuming.” However, they said the end product is often sharper and better-looking than the original film negative or videotape master.

“Lesson Well Learned” was directed by Stewart and stars Craig Duncan as a police officer giving “due punishment” to muggers Russell Helm and Eddie Perez.

Bijou said the theme of “cocky young jocks” is front-and-center in “Disciplining the Undisciplined Athlete” starring Gino Colbert, Kevin Gladstone, John Kass and Eric Talas.

Kevin Glover headlines “Spanking Little Brother” as a corporate suit who “volunteers for a Big Brother program and resorts to corporal punishment to rein in the mischievous Kit Jordan,” Bijou said.

“Today’s porn world seems to be divided between guys with muscles and tattoos, or twinks,” Bijou’s David Boyer told XBIZ. “Many consumers are connecting [instead] with the more natural look of the models in these classic titles.”

He said classic or vintage erotica offers more substance.

“I think these videos offer more variety in the models they present, the sex they portray, the overall feel of the movies,” he said. “The public welcomes that variety.”

Boyer described a quality of “sameness” in the current porn market. “You take the same stable of stars, maybe dress them differently and put them in a different location, but the sex is all the same.”

He noted that Bijou’s recent re-releases have been a hit with retailers.

“In Los Angeles, Circus of Books has seen great response and placed several large orders. One of my stories here in Chicago had to order extra copies of several titles as they were always selling out,” Boyer said.

The Man’s Hand trio was chosen despite the fact that erotic spanking titles constitute a narrow niche.

“What makes these movies unique is that they are created by the man that created the niche,” Boyer said. “Man’s Hand Films continues to this day to create new titles. We are just providing spanking fans a chance to see some of the earlier films that helped establish that studio.”

All Bijou Video titles are available through video-on-demand websites NakedSword/AEBN, TLAonDemand and others, as well as their through their own website.