Cybersocket Taps DoubleStrick to Manage The Gay Board

Tom Hymes
LOS ANGELES — Cybersocket today announced that it has contracted with Rainey and Joe Stricklin, the sister and brother team behind management company DoubleStrick, to take over daily administration and long-term development of the company's webmaster networking community, The Gay Board.

"This is an exciting time for The Gay Board," the press release reads. "As part of their vision for a more useful and active webmaster board, Rainey and Joe plan to take a more active role in moderation and to work on filtering out troublesome spam."

The addition of DoubleStrick to oversee the board is in response to an increasing number of new members, Cybersocket says. The plan is to make The Gay Board into a community where more people will become regular visitors and active contributors.

According to the Stricklins, the key to creating a successful webmaster board is to provide useful content that covers a breadth of subjects, including education, strategic partnerships, networking and tutorials.

"Our goal is to make it a true business resource for the gay market — complete with networking opportunities, business discussions, tutorials and more," Rainey said.

The emphasis, she stressed, will be on creating an effective networking environment, something she feels is a vital component to a successful community.

"Networking is a huge part of this industry and the trend, to me, seems that the more you do of it, the more successful you are," Rainey told XBIZ. "Communities like The Gay Board provide a place for people working in the same market to exchange ideas, set up business deals and meet others working in their space."

Rainey expressed no concern over the increasing number of boards targeting the gay adult webmaster community.

"There are quite a few boards out there today," she said, "but not everyone is drawn to one community. Many people hop around a lot until they find a place they feel they can call home."

Doublestrick is the latest venture for Rainey, an experienced marketer and affiliate program manager who has been in the industry for about a decade. Cofounded with brother Joe, who also is vice president of sales and marketing for Internet Commerce Group (ICG), the company has, in short order, amassed a client list that includes ICG, BadPuppy, GunzBlazing, CamZ, IntenseCash and DirtyBoyVideo.

The company's evolution has been so fast, Rainey said, that she has not yet had time to build a website, which she said is coming soon.