Tony Eveready Sentenced to Federal Prison for Drugs, Weapons Possession

Oliver Sanders
LOS ANGELES — Performer Tony Eveready was sentenced to more than six years in federal prison today for cocaine and weapons possession.

Eveready, born Duane Reed Moore, was arrested three months ago when Los Angeles police officers stopped his car on Haskell Avenue near North Hills, Calif., for not having license plates on his Chrysler sedan, according to a Los Angeles Daily News article.

Officers testified that they searched the inside or Moore's car and found almost four grams of cocaine in several small plastic bags, a collapsible baton, a loaded semiautomatic weapon and another handgun.

Moore, who was on probation for spousal abuse at the time, reportedly told police that he used the guns as props for his films and that he sold the cocaine recreationally to support himself between movies.

In May, Moore pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was later acquitted of charges of drug dealing but convicted of cocaine possession by the jury.

Eveready has appeared in more than 200 films and is most known for his “booyah” solo double-penetration technique where he would insert his testicles into a female star’s anus while inside her. He had most recently worked for Hustler Video, Red Light District and Black Market Entertainment on titles like “Back Side Bounce,” “Baller Nation” and “Booty Tales.”