Michael Lucas Returns to ‘Fire Island Cruising’

JC Adams, GayPornTimes.com
NEW YORK — Lucas Entertainment has announced plans to revive its popular “Fire Island Cruising” series. Two installments will be filmed next month on location on the iconic island.

Previously, eight installments had been produced, and “Fire Island Cruising 1” was notable for its debut of popular performer Chad Hunt. It also earned director-costar Michael Lucas a Gayvn Award for Best Solo Performance. It was the first award Lucas received after establishing Lucas Entertainment in 1998.

Lucas and his partner own a home on Fire Island. He made use of it and surrounding locations during production of the series. However, the presence of a camera crew and adult film performers drew the attention of the Fire Island Homeowners Association. Several members objected to the association of the island with gay pornography.

Lucas clashed publicly with several members of the FIHA and he ultimately decided to retire the series.

He told XBIZ the line was shelved only temporarily while he concentrated on the “Encounters” series and other titles. “I just gave the line a break to create demand,” he said. “The FIHA just helped me make the decision faster.”

“ ‘Encounters’ was a great line but, unfortunately, not as popular as ‘Fire Island Cruising,’ ‘Michael Lucas’ Auditions’ or the international lines.” He confirmed the upcoming films will be a continuation the “Fire Island Cruising” series and will not constitute a new line.

With the passage of time, attitudes among Fire Island residents have apparently changed. “Residents are asking me to return and helping with the production by giving me free locations,” he said. “They recognize that I promote the Island better than anything else.”

Lucas also noted the FIHA has seen a changeover in management.

Cast and crew will film at his home. But he said “a great deal” was offered by the historic Belvedere Guest House.

. “They invited me to use the property for filming and accommodations for the models,” he said.

The confirmed headliners are Lucas Entertainment exclusives J. and Wilfried Knight, with Nick Capra and Jason Crew.

Fellow castmates include Danny Delta, Lexx Knight, Marcelo Masko, Brant Moore, Adrian R., Manuel Torres, Jimmy Trips, Jackson Wild and Kurt Wild.

Despite previous difficulties in production, Lucas confirmed the unique appeal of Fire Island.

“This is one of the most beautiful places in the world,” he said.