Detectives Visit Foxy Jacky After Playground Flashing Shoot

Tod Hunter
BARTLETT, Tenn. — Internet performer Foxy Jacky was visited by Bartlett police detectives yesterday after pictures of her flashing her breasts and lifting her skirt while sitting on playground equipment at suburban Bartlett Grove Park were publicized by a local TV station.

"The detectives said that it was a big deal because the people in the Bartlett City Hall saw it [on TV] and got really upset," Jacky told XBIZ. "They basically told me it was their decision whether I go to jail or not, and they told me that if I promised not to shoot any more stuff in Bartlett, then they won't take me in."

Det. Christian of the Bartlett Police Department's Investigative Services Division confirmed the visit to XBIZ, calling it "informal" and saying that the police department does not intend to file charges against Jacky.

NBC affiliate WMC in Memphis broke the story Monday, not identifying Foxy Jacky or her website but showing people at suburban Bartlett Grove Park reacting to her flashing shots on the nearby playground equipment.

A woman looking at the website said, "She's definitely a tramp — just nasty," and "I think it's disgusting. I think I'm not letting my kids go down that slide anymore."

Jacky told XBIZ that the playground shoot was by request of her fans.

"My fans and my members email me what they would like to see, and they like public places," Jacky said. "I try to accommodate my members and my fans, so I decided to go ahead and do a park scene."

The pictures were taken around noon on Aug. 19, according to the website.

"There was nobody there, or I wouldn’t have done it."

Jacky told XBIZ that she intends to keep shooting in public places.

"I'm definitely going to take more public pictures," she said. "I'm going to keep on doing what my members want me to do, and I'm going to keep them happy with it. I will not shoot in Bartlett any more."