Hot Desert Knights Releases New Title

JC Adams,
LAS VEGAS — Hot Desert Knights has released “Fuk’n Raw” for wholesale and retail sales. Twink star Jarod Steele (aka Carter Longway) and vet performer Dino Phillips are featured under the direction of Wade Lincoln.

It is the studio’s second adult film produced since announcing they would test every performer for HIV and other STDs, and sero-sort them according to positive or negative status.

Costars in the five-scene, condomless movie include Arik Burns, Austin Jaymes, Richard Rider, Duke Savage and Rex Valentino, plus HDK newcomers Caleb Daniels and Jason Mitchell. Running time is 90 minutes.

The studio is crafting a promotional push behind Daniels.

“He’s an absolute sweetie with blue eyes to die for, a killer smile and great body,” HDK founder Bill Gardner told XBIZ. “He’s also one of the best power bottoms we’ve ever seen. We’re looking for a lot in the future from him.”

HDK made headlines earlier this year when they announced plans to test implement HIV/STD testing, and sero-sort performers by their positive or negative test results. Since implementing the system they have filmed just one movie.

“We encountered some problems getting timely test results,” Gardner said.

“If the issue is not resolved in the near future, HDK will re-evaluate whether to continue relying on AIM (Adult Industry Medical Healthcare) testing or opt for a different company,” he added.

HIV/STD testing is not routinely practiced in the gay adult industry, but Gardner said performers have raised no objections.

He also has not observed a backlash effect on sales or website traffic.

“If anything, I believe our customers are pleased that we are testing and sero-sorting accordingly. It has had no negative impact on sales.”

Gardner said piracy and the slumping DVD market are of greater concern. “Overall, sales remain strong,” he said, adding that formats in which customers purchase product has shifted “dramatically.”

“Physical DVD sales have dropped by at least 30 percent, while online sales in PPV [pay-per-view], video on demand or download to own have increased by at least 60 percent,” Gardner said. “I predicted five years ago that we would see this happen, and sure enough, it is happening.”

Online piracy “continues to get worse,” he said, “but at least we are seeing some light at the end of that tunnel as several organizations and countries are considering ways to stop these illegal sites.”

HDK is currently in post-production on “FFucking FFantastic,” which Gardner describes as “one of the most extreme fisting films ever made.”

He promises “actions never before seen on film. We’re not sure why, but no fisting films are being made that the fisting community really want to see. We decided to change that.”

Follow their progress at the HDK official blog.

For orders and wholesale pricing, call 800-300-2002, or email .