Fleshjack Website Gets New Design, Graphics

Tod Hunter
LAS CRUCES, N.M. — Interactive Life Forms, the parent company of Fleshjack, has announced that the Fleshjack website is being redesigned, with new content. Fleshjack is the gay-oriented line from Fleshlight.

"The new site has more of an e-commerce focus, with less explicit imagery," Fleshlight Creative Director Roger Reyes told XBIZ. "There is still some 'adult' content, but it is user-initiated, instead of it being in your face. From a user perspective, it is a lot less jarring."

The site will increase its focus on consumer information and pictures of the Fleshjack products, "to give our customers all the information they need to make an informed decision about buying," Reyes said. "We would like to reach a larger audience, and feel we can do so, by toning down the explicit nature of the site just a bit, and do a better job of informing customers about our products."

Gay performers Tommy Blade, Eric Blaine, Marcus Mojoe, Dylan McLovin, Brodie Sinclair, Gio Vitale, Romario Faria and Zack Johnathan also participated in a recent five-day photo shoot in Florida, shooting new material for the site.

"We're extremely happy with the new content, runs more along the lines of an Abercrombie & Fitch model," Reyes said. "Lots of sensual, suggestive photography."

The new graphics will be used to develop new promotional material for Fleshjack affiliated webmasters, Chris Marcus, director of business development, told XBIZ. "This will let affiliates better promote the site: increased promo material and availability of that material."

"The affiliate program is still pretty much the same," Marcus said. "It operates through our FNCash site, and it still has 30 percent payouts. The Fleshjack program didn't exist in a fleshed-out form before, but it will be fully integrated as a category in FNCash."

The new Fleshjack website site is planned to soft-launch Sept. 3.