Boykakke Releases Uncensored Japanese Gay Title

Joanne Cachapero
LONDON — Boykakke Films, the DVD division of zBuckz affiliate program, has announced the release of “Tokyo Cum Swap.”

According to the studio, it is one of the only gay titles produced in Japan that is not censored by the process of “mosaicing,” of obscuring of the genitals in postproduction that is customary with titles made in Japan.

“Despite their love for all things kinky and naughty, it is illegal in Japan to show any private parts in Japanese porn,' Boykakke producer DannyZ said.

“There are literally thousands of gay Japanese DVDs for sale on the market,” he added, “but all have blurred mosaics around the genitals, which is a total turn-off for most consumers. As you can probably imagine, the pent-up demand is huge for uncensored Japanese porn, which is exactly why this title will fly from the shelves.”

The title will be available through All Boys Distribution, with a scheduled street date of Aug. 21. All Boys owner Rob Ragan was enthusiastic about anticipated sales on the title. “Not only is the title uncensored Japanese, it's also the same top shelf quality consumers have come to expect from the line,” Ragan said.

“Preorders have been off the chart for this film, as we've sold more of this already in pre-books than we did their first film in the first month, showing that they're really starting to build an audience that's looking for more of this line,” Ragan added. “I expect after all is said and done, this film will be one of the best, if not the best selling Japanese gay films ever.”

For more information, contact All Boys Distribution at (877) 5-ALL BOY or email