Canadian Adult Company Gets Mixed Reaction

Oliver Sanders
EDMONTON, Alberta — After a recent deal that brought producer Real Productions to Edmonton, some residents are demanding production be halted on adult films being filmed in their neighborhood.

Real Productions is an Alberta-based producer of adult content that specializes in amateur and swinger titles and aggrandizes its ability to “find lovely women who have never appeared in an adult video in their lives and tape them in fully explicit action with amateur male performers.” Real was recently issued a license by the Canadian government to develop a pay-TV porn channel.

The Edmonton Sun released a story quoting several of Real Productions’ new neighbors voicing their opinion on the company’s presence.

"Stony Plain Road has enough problems," said Stuart McGrandle, owner of West Edmonton Knights Boxing Club. "This is just a huge step in the wrong direction."

McGrandle's gym is walking-distance from Real Productions, which just began filming near 151 Avenue and Stony Plain Road for Playboy TV's “Boy Nexxt Door.”

XBIZ reported Friday that the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission had required that 15 percent of the content created by Real Productions be Canadian produced in order to grant the license. The company went a step above and opted to make 50 percent of its content Canadian.

The deal made some a bit uneasy because the partnership ostensibly made the Canadian government a de facto partner in the business.

Other stipulations required by the government include a requirement that the channel must spend a minimum of 25 percent of its subscriber revenues on Canadian programming, including at least $1 million in its first broadcast year. Also, all programs must be close-captioned, and cable and satellite networks that carry the channel must offer it as an opt-in product and cannot bundle it so that the service so that subscribers have to purchase Northern Peaks in order to get other channels.

Some of the neighborhoods residents were not as exuberant as the CRTC to accept Real Productions.

"I think porn is disgusting," said mother of four Jennifer Thelwell to the Edmonton Sun. "I'm a Christian. We don't like porn. I don't feel it should be broadcasted."

Other reactions, however, were more indifference than outrage, noting that the presence of adult entertainment is already in the neighborhood.

Not far from Real Productions headquarters in Edmonton are several other adult businesses, including a sex-toy shop and an X-rated theater.

Pauline Ismael, 19, who works at the Nata Portugese Bakery a few doors down said she hasn't even noticed the new business in town.

"To be honest, I can't have a real opinion on it because I haven't even seen it," she said. The Real Productions building currently is identified solely by an unmarked glass door.

Ashley Corsiatto, vice-president of marketing for Real Productions, said the company was expecting a certain amount of backlash.

"We know there's quality and professionalism to [our product],” Corsiatto said. “This is going to be a subscription channel. This is not going to be in anyone's home who did not intentionally go out, pursue it and want it in their home."