Report: Jasmin St. Claire Working on Autobiography

Bob Preston
CYBERSPACE — Former adult performer Jasmin St. Claire is reportedly at work on her autobiography.

According to an online report, St. Claire's autobiography will focus on her time in the adult industry.

The Virgin Islands-born St. Claire achieved notoriety in the adult industry by starring in the 1996 title "The World's Biggest Gangbang 2," directed by John T. Bone. St. Claire supposedly had sex with approximately 300 men in that title, though the number was probably far lower.

Nevertheless, Esquire magazine recognized her with one of its Dubious Achievement Awards for her role in the gang bang.

"I always wanted to be famous," St. Claire said at the time. "It's everyone's dream, but it's something I've always wanted, and it's what I have now. I'm going to stretch it, and take advantage of it. Sure, it's a lot of pressure, but you know what? It's worth it. And it's worth signing something for someone, even if you're on your own personal time, which is something I'm notorious for doing. When I go out with my friends, and when I do get recognized, I say hello, I do sign things. People say, 'Why are you doing that?' Making as much as I do, those people are the ones that make my career, and that's something I never forget."

The Internet Adult Film Database credits her with more than 70 titles, with her last coming soon after the turn of the century.

After leaving the adult industry, St. Claire went on to co-found the Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling league in 2002. Also known as the 3PW, the league closed up shop in 2005.