Super Bowl Champion Willie Gault Races for Screaming Os

Oliver Sanders
TORRANCE, Calif. — Former Olympic sprinter and 1986 Chicago Bears Super Bowl champion Willie Gault said he’s begun a partnership with the Screaming O.

According to Screaming O president Justin Ross the partnership officially kicked off when he challenged Gault to a footrace for a discount on a bulk purchase of Screaming O cockrings.

The former athlete wanted to make a wholesale purchase for friends of his at an undisclosed major U.S. mass retailer and was challenged to race for the discount by Ross.

“He called up and said that he wanted a percentage discount,” Ross said. “I said I’ll give you four, but if you beat me in the 40-yard dash, I’ll give u six. I was half-joking, half-serious and he said he’d be here tomorrow at noon.

“He showed up at the office the next day in his running gear. I didn’t think that he would accept the challenge and come down here and do it, but he actually did.”

Ross, a former athlete who played professional basketball in Italy, set up the race in front of the Screaming O headquarters in Torrance.

“That’s typically my mentality,” Ross said. “I knew that he was a speedster who held world records and I always want to match up and see what level the olympians are at.”

In the end, Gault, who played 11 seasons with the Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Raiders and won gold and bronze medals at the 1983 World Championship in Helsinki, won the race and Ross agreed to honor the discount.

“I’m happy to be able to get the products because I know a lot of people that are screaming for them,” said Gault, 47.

Gault has actually been in contact with Screaming O for about eight months now and has no plans to end their relationship any time soon.

“I have some connections for them and hopefully this partnership will last a long time,” he said. “They’re great guys and I really enjoy working with them.”

Gault said newly retired defensive tackle Warren Sapp is also a fan of Screaming O products, and that he’ll have to “talk to [Sapp] about that” the next time the two speak.

Ross declined to comment about whether or not he’s challenged Sapp in a similar contest or whether competing for discounts was going to be a regular practice for the Screaming O.