WantedList Files Legal Action Against XFlix.com

Tod Hunter
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Internet video rental company WantedList Inc. has announced that it has filed legal action against Shahan Ohanessian and XFlix, LLC over WantedList's asset purchase agreement of XFlix.com and Ohanessian's consulting agreement.

WantedList purchased XFlix in November as "part of an aggressive campaign to move the company forward into new media distribution and expand the presence of the company into the digital marketplace."

The filing alleges that the goods and services provided under the agreements were not delivered and that there was intent to defraud WantedList, among other accusations.

In a statement, WantedList said, "through the development of the case one major finding was that Ohanessian did not have the full rights to XFlix because it was in litigation in L.A. Superior Court against his former partner and brother in law Ghevont Tersakian.

“A lot of different things will be argued about this case from both sides, but the one thing we do know for sure that’s not arguable is the fact that he signed this deal indicating that this company was free and clear of lawsuits and then midway through the case we find out he was mired in a major lawsuit over the assets of the company," WantedList cofounder Anh Tran said. "We would never have moved forward with this deal knowing what we know today,”

“We had high hopes for the both the relationship and the technology provided by XFlix, LLC,” WantedList cofounder Danny Ting said. "However, the assets and services failed us time and time again, which is why we had to move away from their platform and onto our own proprietary one."

WantedList is seeking relief from damages caused by entering a false business relationship with Ohanessian.

XBIZ has been unable to contact Tran or Ohanessian for comment.