Vivid-Alt Releases Profane’s ‘Hospital’

Joanne Cachapero
LOS ANGELES — Vivid-Alt has announced the release of “Hospital,” directed by Benny Profane, the latest addition to its stable of new wave directors. The movie is Profane’s debut on the Vivid-Alt imprint.

Vivid-Alt founder Eon McKai said that in his own early days as a director at production company VCA, Profane was an inspiration.

“When I started making alt-porn movies Benny Profane was the only other person out there actually putting movies out,” McKai told XBIZ.

“I stalked him back in the day just so I could stand in a room with someone else who was doing this stuff. He was putting out his self-produced Psychocandy line back then, which was the first stuff like this on the market.”

"Benny Profane has finally come home to Vivid-Alt,” McKai added. “I have wanted this alt-porn pioneer on the roster from the beginning."

“Hospital” stars Mandy Morbid as Young Lucy, a girl trapped by amnesia in a “squalid” hospital, where she starts to experience flashbacks of her unspeakable past. Meanwhile, the strange nurses and doctors have plans for making sure that Lucy doesn’t remember anything at all. The cast also includes Caroline Pierce, Sochee Mala, Coco Velvett, Zak Sabbath, Daniel, as well as appearances by Profane and fellow Vivid-Alt director Kimberly Kane.

The DVD has extras, including Morbid’s “Trepanation” video, behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery and trailer. Vivid-Alt director Octavio Winkytiki was videographer for the project, and boxcover art is by Alaska.

"With ‘Hospital’ you finally get a Benny Profane feature where he got to do his thing with out interference from the studio he is working for,” McKai said. “So his style really shines in a big way in this movie. There is no hiding that I'm very proud to finally have a Benny Profane movie coming out on Vivid-Alt.”

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