‘Don’t Be Shy’ Says XY Studios

DUSSELDORF, Germany — European distributor Man’s Art has set a re-release of helmer Marcel Bruckmann’s 2006 feature “Don’t be Shy” for August 21.

The film runs 175 minutes, including newly added bonus material. Ten performers are featured in six scenes; among them Ben Keller, Ronald Laska, Fabian Lex, Jorge Lopez, Joi Mitchell, Alexander Posh, Luca Valentino and Matt York.

Fan-favorite models Dominik Dillon (a/k/a Euro-star Helmut Muller) and Rivelli also share the spotlight.

The plot revolves around Londoner Matt York exploring his burgeoning sexual urges as he works through his reticence. He first satisfies a voyeuristic urge by observing Posh and Valentino, and then Keller and Lex. A threesome starring Laska, Mitchell and Dillon further stoke his urges.

Final vignette has Dillon returning for a third go-round with callboy Mitchell, but first another duo between Dillon and Rivelli leads to York finally getting over his shyness with Mitchell.

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