Adult Rental Signs 75 Studios

Tom Hymes
TORONTO — Online video-on-demand service today announced that it has signed 75 studios over the past few weeks, effectively adding thousands of DVDs to the list of titles already available to consumers.

“With major distributors like Wicked Pictures and PurePlay Media on board, alongside smaller yet prestigious production houses, we here at Adult Rental are thrilled to offer our users — now more than ever — a colossal variety of options,” Director of Business Development Paul Armstrong said.

Some of the studios incorporated include AbbyWinters, Amateur Video Box, Blue Media, Cousin Stevie, David Luger Productions, Digital Sin, DVSX Inc., FlashCash, Freddie's, Girlfriend's Films, John Strong Productions, Marc Dorcel, MayorsMoney, New Sensations, Playgirl, Renegade, Rentboys Films, Robert Hill Releasing, Seymore Butts, SlickCash, Starlight Pictures, Swank, Sweetheart Video and Trashy Pictures.

“As you can see, it’s an impressive list,” Armstrong said. “It was B.C. Forbes who said, ‘If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business.’ From my experience, I know this to be particularly true in the online adult industry. If you don’t offer a superior product, the competition will bury you, be it a legitimate network or an illegal tube site. Despite what others have said, the internet is still very much the wild west; the fastest draw wins and to the victor goes the spoils. At Adult Rental, we take this maxim to heart. By constantly adding new content, our team aims to dominate the VOD market.”

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