Strippers & Hustlers Ball to Give $10 Each to Union and Gov. Workers

Tom Hymes
LAS VEGAS — Perry Mann is a patriot who also has a soft spot for union workers. To prove the point, he is digging into his pockets this Labor Day and will hand a $10 bill to every union and government employee who attends the upcoming Strippers and Hustlers Ball, at the Orleans Arena Aug. 30-31.

“Perry has always been charitable,” ball producer Howard Mauskopf said. “Twenty-nine years ago, his friend Louis was running for president under the Nudist party with the slogan, 'I have nothing to hide.' Perry threw a fundraising party he called The Exotic Erotic Ball. Now, the Exotic Erotic Ball fills an arena in San Francisco with 20,000 people every Halloween — all the result of a single charitable deed.”

Mann said he came up with the idea of earmarking 10 bucks for union and government workers a week ago, when he had the realization that the concept of Labor Day had become lost on the American public.

“I’m doing this for two reasons,” Mann said. “First, I want to honor the people who represent the backbone of the American workforce. Second, I want to publicize the fact that Labor Day weekend was originally intended to honor them, too.”

Mann is best known for starting the venerable Exotic Erotic Ball, which has been a San Francisco fixture for 29 years. This will be his first foray to Las Vegas, something he said people have wanted him to do for a long time.

“We’ve had many offers to do Vegas," he said, "but the Orleans Arena over Labor Day weekend was ideal. We don’t do anything halfway, though, so I am pulling out the stops for this one.”

$10 bills will be handed out to eligible attendees upon entry. Those eligible include casino workers (employee ID), local night club and bar workers (TAM/Health cards), police and firemen (badge or ID), military personnel (ID) and all union members (valid membership cards).

The Strippers & Hustlers Ball features Richard Vission, Mobius8, Scooter and Lavelle, Drummer KC, Gilby Clarke, Guns N’ Roses, The Genitorturers, D’Amato, Girls Girls Girls and a stripper competition both nights. The show also will feature burlesque artists, a massive girl-on-girl pillow fight and reality TV personality and ex-stripper Heather Chadwell, who will host the competition.