DeWitt, Lauren Roll Out Releases for Spearmint Rhino

Oliver Sanders
NORCO, Calif. — Spearmint Rhino films is announcing the release of two new projects from directors Goldie DeWitt and Dyanna Lauren.

DeWitt’s “Rollin With Goldie” will bow first for Spearmint Rhino on Sept. 24. The film is a gonzo title that features Felony, sisters Cayden and Crista Moore, Rachel Solari, Olivia O’lovely, Alex Gonz, Eric Swiss, Chris Strokes and Justin Long. DeWitt said all of the action was raw and spur-of-the-moment.

“I wanted to bring something raw, some of that reality stuff,” DeWitt told XBIZ. “It’s just us in a big RV, picking up talent and just surprising them with something wild. They really don’t know who they’re fucking; there’s no script, and everything is done on the fly.”

It was apparently DeWitt’s gift for persuasion that allowed him to create the scenes for “Rollin,” which include the Moore sisters in a scene together that was completely unexpected to them.

“They had no idea that they were going to be having sex with the same guy or even having sex in front of each other,” DeWitt said. “It was really spicy, because they haven’t done it before, so it was obviously not staged and you can see all the giddiness in them.”

DeWitt said that he has already finished filming another “Rollin With Goldie,” but has no release date at the moment. He told XBIZ that finding willing new talent for his films has never been challenging because his reputation precedes him.

“Because I’ve already established a 12-year relationship with the strip club industry and everybody knows me in the adult industry, it wasn’t a difficult task for me,” he said.

Former Vivid contract girl Dyanna Lauren will be debuting three new films that she directed in the coming months. The first to be released is “Succubus of the Rouge” on Sept. 30, followed by “Lust Vol. 1” on Oct. 15 and “Lust Vol. 2” on Nov. 19.

Lauren said that shooting for “Lust” was similar to her previous “Sweat” series for Spearmint Rhino, in that each scene was shot continually on one individual set. She said that for this title, though, she sought out performers that wanted to work with each other and let them decide what they wanted to do.

“I found actors that really wanted to work with each other and let them do it however they wanted to do,” she said. “It was working because it wasn’t contrived. It wasn’t stop/start sex that everybody is having. I was getting such great hot sex because these people were acting like they were at home.”

Lauren said she let her actors pick the sets they wanted to use for their scenes as well and that fans will be surprised just how hard the actors try to please each other.

Lauren, herself, will be appearing in “Succubus,” which will be her first appearance in an adult title in six years. According to Lauren, she plays a big part and even gets naked in the film, which also stars Sean Michaels, Marcus London Nick Manning, Tommy Gunn, Darryl Hannah, Roxy Deville, Mia Pressley, Celeste Star, Kris Slater, Shauna Lenne and Jack Lawrence.

Lauren said that while she doesn’t have sex in this film, she’s not averse to doing it in future titles — if she gets bugged enough.

“I’m very much an exhibitionist. I didn’t do adult movies for the money, I just liked being naked,” she said. “I wanted to have a part in the movie, but I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to do the full gamut of directing, having sex and having a big part because I feel that your movie suffers if you do that. I have never closed the door to sex on camera, it’s just that the role wasn’t quite right to do it.

“I’m not somebody that says that I’m never going to spread my legs for the camera, because that’s just ludicrous.”

Both Lauren and DeWitt are planning to continue their relationship with Spearmint Rhino films, with upcoming yet to be titled films.