Two-thirds of Potential Jurors for Obscenity Case Excused Today

Oliver Sanders
STAUNTON, Va. — Six potential jurors were excused from serving in the Rick Krial obscenity case today.

There were 35 potential jurors for the case expected, however, only nine were individually questioned by Staunton Circuit Court Judge Thomas H. Wood and attorneys for the prosecution and defense.

Wood told the potential jurors that they would have to watch the two videos in question to decide whether they were obscene by community standards, and that was enough to keep some out of the jury pool.

“I feel it would have been more than distasteful for me,” said one prospective female juror. “I’m Christian and I don’t want to subject myself to such things.”

There are 25 more potential jurors scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning, if necessary. As reported in an earlier XBIZ news report , the trial is set to begin this week and will involve the misdemeanor charges against Krial, his company and Tinsley W. Embrey, an employee at After Hours Video, who also was arrested and charged with 10 counts of obscenity.

The felony charges will be prosecuted if the misdemeanor charges lead to convictions.

Noted 1st Amendment attorneys Paul Cambria and Louis Sirkin will provide defense. Cambria will represent Krial and Sirkin will represent Embrey.