Trina Michaels Granted Audition for NWWL

Oliver Sanders
LOS ANGELES — Starlet Trina Michaels will finally get her chance to join the Naked Women's Wrestling League (NWWL) in an open audition at Boulevard3 in Hollywood, on Aug. 22.

Michaels has purportedly been trying to gain entrance into the NWWL for quite some time but was stonewalled because of NWWL’s policy against allowing porn stars to join the league. NWWL commissioner Mia Legend finally conceded to Michaels’ requests because of the NWWL’s desire to have the best talent possible.

“It is against the league’s policies to accept porn stars on to the NWWL roster,” Legend said. “However, in an effort to ensure that our league showcases the very best and most talented women of professional wrestling, we decided to give her a chance to prove she has what it takes."

At the event Michaels will square off against NWWL wrestler Annie Social, who, according to the NWWL website, has a background that includes training in boxing, Chinese kenpo and gracie jiu-jitsu.

Michaels, for her part, seemed up to the challenge.

"I have worked hard training for the past month and feel that I can qualify," Michaels told XBIZ. "You don’t really realize it until you’re lying in your bed, saying ‘I can’t move.’ I’ve become very familiar with Icy Hot and Advil.”

Michaels said she was inspired to join the NWWL and professional wrestling in general because of the challenge it provided.

“It’s taking me out of a comfort zone,” Michaels said. “I wasn’t ever really athletic, I didn’t do gymnastics at school and I only got into the gym about four or five years ago. Doing the moves, flips and all this stuff is challenging and I like that. I want to see how far can I push myself.”

Despite Michaels’s burgeoning confidence, Annie Social seemed confident in her ability to win the match. "Trina does most of her work on her back,” Social said. “So that's exactly where I’m going to put her for the three count."

The event will be an official NWWL pay-per-view taping and will begin at 8 p.m.