Vergenza Expands Lineup With 3 Aluminum Styles

Oliver Sanders
NEW YORK — Adult product manufacturer Vergenza Inc. is expanding its line of “inspired erotica” to include new colors for the handcrafted product, the Mk. 1, and three other new models.

The Presidential, Imperial and Zephyr all are available now for purchase through Vergenza’s collection of conventional and online retailers . The Mk. I is for sale at the Pleasure Chest in New York and Los Angeles and is now available in chambord, chrysler, gris, obsidian and classic colors.

The Mk. I has been generating buzz from retailers and is slated to begin selling at Toronto’s Come As You Are, the Tool Shed in Milwaukee and Good Vibrations in San Francisco in the coming year.

“We think all of our models play into our scene of luxury erotic tools,” Vergenza CEO Jessica Resler told XBIZ. “We give customers a piece of what our brand’s all about. It’s more than about creating sex toys, it’s about creating lifetime erotic tools.”

The three new models range in size from 11 inches to pocket-sized.

“We created the new models because we were getting requests for larger sizes,” Resler said. “We just wanted to be able to have a complete product offering. We felt that it was important to offer a range and show that we had capabilities to react to what the market was demanding.”

Some of the other new novelties available for order are Pillowgrams — a collection of stationary featuring naughty-and-nice notes that users can leave for their loved ones — and the Body Bow, which is made of heavy satin that can be worn over lingerie.

The company also is planning to launch a line of cockrings and bondage ropes in the near future. Resler said she’s hoping to make the newest additions to the Vergenza family available to customers in time for that special time of the year.

“We’re still getting production finalized on those, but we have the designs created,” Resler said. “Hopefully they will be out in the next two months, before the holidays.”

Vergenza also is planning a number of events in the upcoming year, with parties in New York and Chicago that Resler calls “Vergenza extravaganzas.” Together with their creative marketing team, We Come in Peace, Vergenza also is planning to release a fantasy film featuring the Mk. I, which will be screened in New York.

Despite its growing additions, Resler maintains that she wants to ensure that the company doesn’t get ahead of itself in distributing and developing new items. “We really do want to [grow],” she said. “But we’re a startup company, and we’re doing things on a startup-company schedule.”