COLT Studio Flips ‘Inside Out’

JC Adams,
SAN FRANCISCO — Legendary performer Tom Chase is back onscreen in a new blue movie for San Francisco production company COLT Studio Group. He wrapped production on the scene — a duo with fellow COLT Man Darin Hawk — last week for COLT director and CEO John Rutherford.

“We begin the next three scenes soon in Northern California’s wine country,” Rutherford told XBIZ. The film’s fantasy theme involves placing bedroom furniture outdoors, thus the title “Inside Out.”

The remaining cast is set to include COLT Men Mitch Branson, Luke Garrett, Ricky Parks, Eric Valentin and newcomer Jasper Van Dean. Also featured in the cast is Sky Thompson.

“A comeback kid from my Falcon days,” Rutherford said. Thompson’s last appearance onscreen was nearly a decade ago.

Rutherford feels the Chase/Hawk sex is some of their best work to date.

“Tom looks like he did when I first worked with him over 15 years ago,” the director noted, adding that Chase now lives in Dallas, where he works as a personal trainer. Chase’s well-toned physique is the result of his other occupation.

It turned out Chase and Hawk had become acquainted online and requested a scene together to explore their chemistry.

“It was a flip-flop scene and Darin’s first time topping on camera. Talk about red-hot,” Rutherford said.

Look for “Inside Out” to be released later this year.

In other COLT Studio news, the company is gearing up to promote COLT Gear realistic signature dildos molded from bodybuilder boyfriends Carlo Masi and Adam Champ.

The 2009 COLT Calendars are now available online at, as well.

For more information, visit the studio’s website. Rutherford’s adventures and insight can be found online at his blog.