Digital Playground Tops List

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Digital Playground currently has three titles in the reader-generated Top 10 list on "Cheerleaders," "Stoya: Video Nasty" and "Babysitters," all of which have also taken turns at the No.1 spot.

"Babysitters" has been on the Top 10 list since Oct. 6, 2007, "Cheerleaders" since Apr. 30 and "Stoya: Video Nasty" since July 3. Additionally, all three titles have earned Critic's Choice labels from the site's critic, Dr. Jay.

"The bottom line is, we make movies that last," Samantha Lewis, Digital Playground CEO, said. "I want someone to replay our movies over and over again. In twenty years they should be able to watch 'Cheerleaders' or 'Stoya: Video Nasty' and be just as aroused as the first time they watched. Quality movies last forever, and quality movies are all we make at Digital Playground."

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Stoya: Video Nasty