Roland Dane Launches Hardcore Wrestling Site

Joanne Cachapero
CYBERSPACE — Director/performer Roland Dane has launched, as well as the Wrestling Wealth affiliate program, capitalizing on his long-time interest in martial arts combat and man-on-man action sex content.

Shot primarily in Budapest and Prague, Dane chooses performers that have real experience in contact sports.

“This site is mostly about wrestlers, but there are videos in K1, boxing and cage fighter style. I picked those European pornstars in my cast who are tough and have martial arts past,” Dane told XBIZ. “The fights are semi-contact, none of them seriously harmed, though.”

Dane is producing the site’s content assisted by photographer Attila G, and videographer Sacanny. The crew all has been working in the adult industry for more than 10 years, and as a team for more than seven years. In addition, Dane’s background in martial arts helps create the combination of combative match-ups and hardcore sex.

"I was a Thai boxer for many years and had one on-going fantasy. My fantasy was defeating a man in a rough, sweaty competition and my prize is him becoming my sex slave doing whatever I want, however I want it and while doing so, making him a stronger warrior,” Dane said.

“Obviously, with the tough, straight men I was fighting, my fantasy never came to be,” he added. “Finally I have found the team and the cast to fulfill my — and no doubt your — fantasies. Our cast is strong, rough, and tough and has real martial arts experience. These men are up for the fight and enjoy the reward of punishment."

The site will be updated weekly with new video, photos and performers.

The Wrestling Wealth affiliate program, which is managed by Epoch, offers member affiliates hosted galleries and 50 percent payouts on all new and recurring memberships.

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