Lust Cosmetics Launches Lotion, Lube Lines

Tod Hunter
TORONTO — Lust Cosmetics Inc., a new company based in Toronto, has announced a new line of massage oils, body lotions and personal lubricants with names like Lust for Love — Hot Caramel Cravings and Lust for Lube. The products feature stylish packaging and are made with natural ingredients including avocado oil, peppermint and ginseng.

"We have the resources in manufacturing and our cofounders have been in the advertising and marketing world and the cosmetic world for a combined 40 or 50 years," company cofounder Jordan Benson told XBIZ. “We saw a great opportunity and we wanted to take it as far as we could.”

The 10 products in the Lust Cosmetics line include Liquid Lust Arousal Mist, a spray-on clitoral stimulation product; O and Double O rub-on balms; Cherried Treasure, Creamsicle and Wanton Watermelon edible warming massage oils; Lust for Body body lotion; and Lust for Lube personal lubricant.

"Our packages are designed to be classy and sexy," Benson said. "We want to get away from the 'porno look' and more into the higher-end cosmetic world."

All products are hormone- and paraben-free. Spray-on product bottles use airless pumps, like high-end cosmetics.

Lust Cosmetics products are currently available at the company website and also at "about 60" brick-and-mortar retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

"We like to work with retailers because we can offer them more incentives," Benson said. "We have merchandising displays with customized header cards, and we like to do in-store promotions."

For more information, visit the Lust Cosmetics website.