Leisure Time Rolls Out 50 New Titles

Bob Preston
VAN NUYS, Calif. — With a promise to reduce the number of commercials on its DVDs, Leisure Time Digital has teamed up with Sunshine Films on 50 new releases.

A Leisure Time spokesperson said that customer complaints prompted the company to reconsider the number of commercials on its DVDs.

“We have made arrangements to cut the number of self-promoting commercials and phone sex ads down to only three per DVD," the spokesperson said.

Leisure Time officials said that their staff would address a problem with malfunctioning DVDs in this new line of releases.

“Why mess with what made the line great?” the spokesperson said. “We knew it was a strong line with wide appeal. But we also knew there were two complaints: the number of commercials and the defective problem. We began correcting the defectives immediately with all re-mastered and re-authored releases from the old library and now have taken care of the other problem.”

For more information, call (800) 736-9681 or email at sunshine.sales.@att.com.