Conservative Group Protests Boobs on Bikes Parade

Bob Preston
AUCKLAND, New Zealand — Once again, New Zealand's Boobs on Bikes parade is drawing fire, but the event is still on for now.

Conservative organization Family First New Zealand is raising a stink with the Auckland City Council, arguing that the parade can and should be canceled.

Family First New Zealand's Bob McCroskrie cited an Auckland bylaw that says a parade can be banned when there are "reasonable grounds" that the event is likely to be offensive.

“Most New Zealanders know it is indecent and inappropriate to be topless in a public place, which is why there is no acceptance of the behavior in schools, workplaces, retail shops or public gatherings,” said McCoskrie, who serves as the organization's national director.

McCroskie also said that the event is simply an advertisement for the adult industry. The parade traditionally serves as a prelude to the New Zealand Erotica Expo.

Steve Crowe, an adult-retailer-turned-politician, first approached the Auckland city council for a parade permit in 2006. The city's mayor called the idea for the parade "morally repugnant," but the event went on anyway.

Last year, city council granted Crowe his permit with little fanfare, though McCroskie and his organization complained then, too. The 2007 parade was held in Cristchurch, New Zealand.

This year's New Zealand Erotica Expo is set for Aug. 22-24. The Boobs on Bikes parade has no set date yet.