XSF '08 Legal Seminar Available for Viewing Online

Ann Oui
LOS ANGELES — The Legal Obscenities seminar that took place at XBIZ Summer Forum ’08 is now available for viewing on the event website. The hour and a half seminar features an outstanding lineup of industry attorneys and Evil Angel’s John Stagliano, who was recently charged in federal court with obscenity.

Broken into segments for easy viewing, the video of the seminar will provide those unable to attend the opportunity to stay educated on a subject of huge importance not only for those charged with obscenity crimes but also for the industry as a whole. The attorneys who participated represent a peerless brain trust of legal experience and insight into the specifics of obscenity law and legal strategy, and remarks by John Stagliano of Evil Angel provided a poignant human dimension to the occasion.

Attorneys who took part include Jeffrey Douglas, Allan Gelbard, Greg Piccionelli of Piccionelli & Sarno, Louis Sirkin of Sirkin, Pinales & Schwartz and Larry Walters of Weston, Garrou, Walters & Mooney. XBIZ editor Tom Hymes moderated.

“First and foremost, we want to thank John Stagliano for taking the time to address the Summer Forum audience,” XBIZ President Alec Helmy said. “It was extremely thoughtful of him and everyone in the room appreciated his words and courage. We also want to thank each of the attorneys for bringing their unique knowledge and passion to the panel. By making these videos available online industry professionals around the world will experience what we were lucky to see in person.”

To view the Legal Obscenities seminar videos click here.