Rare Bob Mizer Wrestling Titles Ship

Joanne Cachapero
EL CERRITO, Calif. — Gay production company Athletic Model Guild has shipped “Wrestling Live 23” and “Wrestling Live 25.” The two-disc set clocks in at more than four hours of fully nude wrestling and also includes more than 100 bonus photo stills.

“They are some of the sexiest men Bob ever shot, and hardly anyone’s seen them,” AMG owner Dennis Bell said. “For AMG collectors, these DVDs are a must have. They show a side of Bob that very few people have had the chance to see. These aren’t the posing strap films and photographs of his earlier career. This footage is gritty, intensely sexual and entirely void of the innocence that marked Mizer’s early career.”

The late Mizer, who founded Athletic Model Guild [AMG] in the 1945, was also the publisher of Physique Pictorial magazine and a leading photographer of physique models for nearly four decades until his death in 1992.

Bell acquired the Mizer’s estate in 2004, and with it, a vast collection of thousands of Mizer’s photographs as well as film footage that is archived in Los Angeles. Bell is currently in the process of remastering and transferring the film footage to DVD and also has contributed selections from the photo archives to various galleries and institutions for special exhibits of Mizer’s work.

According to AMG’s Promotional Manager Christopher Trout, there always has been an interest in Mizer’s work, but Trout said he has also seen a resurgence in consumer interest for “retro” trends in the mainstream, and that has carried over into adult.

“The ‘80s are back in a big way, and these DVDs are so ‘80s,” Trout said. “Even after the models shed the striped gym socks and short shorts, they’ve got those shaggy haircuts and mustaches that made the men of that era so hot. They are truly masculine and when they start wrestling, you can almost smell the testosterone seeping from their pores.”

For more information, visit the AMG website.