Raging Stallion Announces ‘To The Last Man’ Cast

Joanne Cachapero
SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion Studios (RSS) has announced the cast list for its upcoming 2008 blockbuster production “To The Last Man.”

Headlining the roster of performers is RSS exclusive Ricky Sinz and Scott Tanner.

Sinz won multiple awards last year for his role in RSS’ “Grunts,” including Best Supporting Actor and Best Solo Scene at the GAYVNs and Grabbys. The military-themed ‘Grunts’ received critical acclaim and recognition for the studio last year. The project will costar award-winning RSS exclusive Jake Deckard and include performances from RSS exclusives Damien Crosse, Logan McCree, R.J. Danvers, Tristan Jaxx, Bo Matthews, Antonio Biaggi, and Damian Rios.

Also slated to appear in “To The Last Man;” performers Antton Harri, Jackson Wild, Jimmy Tripps, Rick Powers and Scott Fremont.

Noticeably absent from the cast is Raging Stallion's Man of the Year Steve Cruz.

"Mainly he has been in all of our big titles over the past two years so he is sitting this one out. We already have projects for Steve in the works for fall," Raging Stallion's Kent Taylor said.

Cruz also is working on his "Hotter Than Hell" series, which he writes and performs in, as well as being slated for two coffee table book covers and the new RSS calendar, according to Taylor.

"The other reason is he has been touring all over the world, doing live appearances," Taylor added. "He has has a couple gigs while we are shooting. After discussing at length, we all felt him sitting this out would be a good thing. We do not want to burn him out.It is all a great thing. His career is going better than ever."

More than 100 models tried out for roles in the movie and, according to RSS, several of the industry’s top performers were anxious to be considered for parts.

Based on western author Zane Grey’s novel of the same name, “To The Last Man” pits Sinz and Tanner as rival ranch owners, in a dispute over water rights. The script was written by former Lucas Productions’ director Tony DiMarco, and is co-directed by DiMarco, RSS owner Chris Ward and Ben Leon, who also will serve as chief cinematographer.

"I’m very excited to be working on this film with such a stellar cast and crew,” DiMarco said. “Rugged and handsome, the models for this film look like they could be right out of a Sergio Leone western with the added bonus of being incredibly sexy and well hung."

Elaborating on the screenplay, DiMarco added, "The unspoken emotions of the mythic cowboy mixed with a brooding sexuality makes writing this type of film rich with possibilities. Minimal, yet complex — the western genre is full of drama and story."

During his tenure at Lucas, DiMarco won multiple awards for directing and script-writing on big budget releases including “Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita” and “Dangerous Liaisons.”

The ambitious project will reportedly cost more than $200,000 to produce. According to Leon, the studio’s production equipment has been upgraded, from cameras to sound and lighting equipment, in order to ramp up the production value.

"We really enjoy shooting blockbuster films," Ward said. "All of us are really looking forward to doing a real honest-to-goodness Western. It’s a sexy genre and it really goes with our company name."

"Just like ‘Grunts,’ we are going to be true to the genre,” he added. “This is not going to be a film about pretty boys riding horses — it’s rough and rugged and will look like the real deal."

The movie will be shot in hi-def, and two ranches in California and New Mexico will be used as locations. Ward also stated that several of the sex and action scenes would be “controversial.”

"Not to worry,” Ward said. "There is a non-violent, all-sex edit for consumers who do not want to see all the mayhem.

“This movie is going to go where no porn film has gone before — it’s really a gay marriage between adult and mainstream product that tells a story and shows lots of amazing sex,” Ward said, hinting at the movie’s content.

“Some of the scenes will be pretty controversial — there is one scene in particular that is very upsetting."

The production schedule on the movie runs from July 31-Aug. 18.

“To The Last Man” is scheduled to release on Thanksgiving weekend in standard and Blu-ray formats.