Yappo Changes Format For Gay VOD

Joanne Cachapero
LAS VEGAS — Video-on-demand provider Yappo has dropped its Gay Yappo-branded website, choosing instead to combine both gay and straight content on to one flagship site at Yappo.com.

“Gay Yappo and Straight Yappo are one entity. They share one database and as such, we thought that specifying the difference in the name was an irrelevant and antiquated approach,” Yappo.com Product Manager Liam Colins said.

The new format for the website is similar to competitor AEBN’s flagship website, where users can choose to view either gay or straight content on the front page.

The gay area of the Yappo site also has an all-new design. Colins said, “We went with a very masculine feel. The goal was to offer some differentiation and contrast, while staying within the Yappo brand appearance.”

The redesign is part of an aggressive strategy for Yappo to increase market appeal by introducing new features, as well as a response to feedback from consumers and studio partners.

“This is the first of many new advances, both technological and functional, that we are planning in the next couple of months.” Liam said. “We want Yappo to be the new face of video-on-demand, and are working closely with studios, webmasters and our various partners to establish a new standard.”

The company recently exceeded its 1,000th studio partner and includes more than 48,000 titles in its VOD catalog.

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