NRPW Signs Mike South to Sit Ringside

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — New professional wrestling federation NRPW announced the signing of industry blogger Mike South to join adult icon Ron Jeremy for colorful commentary during bouts.

Jeremy is the official commentator for the federation, and South will now sit by his side, trading witticisms and offering play-by-plays of the action. Both of them join the roster of NRPW stars including Tommy Gunn, Monica Mayhem, Evan Stone, Vampire Warrior, Buff Bagwell, Nikki Hunter, Bull Buchanan, Craig Valentine, Jessica Bangcock, Heidi Mayne, Christina Star and Nick Manning.

“I'm honored to be asked to be a part of this team," South said. "Back in the trailer every Friday night when I was but a tyke we used to watch all the greats on the Friday Night Fights. Wrestlin’ is as Southern as feelin’ up yer cousin at a family reunion. It’s in my blood same as trailers, shine, alien abductions, tornaders and Kid Rock.”

The next match is scheduled to take place in Bakersfield at The Dome on September 20.

Jeremy can be seen and heard cracking jokes on the first NRPW DVD, which streeted last week. The DVD is distributed by IVD Exclusives and can be purchased by clicking here or here.

For wholesale sales, call Jason Park, IVD exclusives sales representative at (818) 989-1570, ext. 233, or email . For licensing of NRPW titles, contact Debbie Hargrave of Pleasure Licensing at (609) 426-1777, ext. 227, or email