Brooke, Gunn Featured in Buckcherry Music Video

Steve Javors
LOS ANGELES — New Sensations contract girl Ashlynn Brooke and male performer Tommy Gunn appear in the latest music video from rock band Buckcherry.

The real life couple plays a prominent part in the video for “Too Drunk,” and even engages in some simulated bathroom sex.

"We're friends with the band and we were more than happy to come out and support them," Gunn said. "They like that we're in the porn business and even though we couldn't do anything explicit, we could still give a wink and a nudge to our fans and theirs by having sex in the bathroom — or at least, as close to sex as we could get in a video like this."

Buckcherry is known for blending sex with their rock ‘n’ roll music. The band’s hits include “Lit Up” and “Crazy Bitch.”

"When the fans see us in mainstream projects like this, they tell me it's like they're in a secret club and knowing who we are is the handshake," Brooke said. "We had a fun time and I hope the guys and girls at home enjoy it and keep on looking for us, no matter where we pop up."

View the video on YouTube by clicking here.