Topco Adds Three Items to Lex Steele Line

Tod Hunter
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Topco Sales has added three items to its Lex Steele Interracial Toy line: the Lex Steele CyberSkin Big Man XL Penis Pump, the Lex Steele Big Man XL Steel Cock Ring and a new point-of-purchase display for Lex Steele Interracial Cock Rings.

The Lex Steele CyberSkin Big Man XL Penis Pump is an extra large 9.5-inch clear tube with a CyberSkin pump seal that lets men watch the action. The durable cylinder has brushed metallic details and the pump has a unique double trigger action handle.

The Lex Steele Big Man XL Cock Ring is a 2.25-inch metal ring.

The Lex Steele Interracial Cock Rings POP is a countertop display with 12 individually packaged rubber cock rings available in six different shapes and three colors: black, cinnamon and natural. Each phthalate-free ring can stretch to fit any size man, and the rings can be used singly or two at once. The display is designed to be easy to assemble and restock.

"These offerings are excellent complements to Lex's existing Lexcalibur and Vibrating Lexcalibur toys from Topco," said Wayne Hentai, spokesman for Lexington Steele and Mercenary Pictures.

There are plans for more Lex Steele toys in the future.

"Later this summer we are releasing the Lex Steele 10X Low Ridin' Love Bullet," Topco Sales director of marketing and public relations Desiree Duffie said. "And there are other intriguing Lex Steele products in the works for the January release as well."

Distributors can contact their Topco Sales account executive for more information on ordering the latest Lex Steele products. Consumers should check with their favorite online or brick-and-mortar retailer.