Ex-HGTV Host, Former Adult Actress Launch Adult Production Company

Ericka Jensen

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — Former HGTV “Design on a Dime” host Lee Snijders and mainstream photographer Jett Angel have begun recruiting clients for their newly launched adult production company Exxxcel.

Snijder learned the art of producing during his 6-year stint on HGTV’s popular design show. Angel is a former adult performer.

Snijder told XBIZ that the mainstream has a very specific format of producing its cable shows, a formula that streamlines the preproduction process in order to wrangle in as much profit as possible.

“I’ve tailored this format specifically for the adult industry,” Snijders told XBIZ. “And the result is high quality production with a lower price tag. What makes reality TV programming so successful is the production. These types of shows are very inexpensive to produce. But you have to know the formula.”

The duo applied that formula to the production of their own content and recently shot 45 scenes in 15 days for their alt adult site GothRockGirls.com.

Snijders, directs, produces and is the first shooter, while Angel shoots second camera and handles still photography, makeup and wardrobe. Snijders uses his past experience as an HGTV designer to optimize the sets and lighting. They recently shot adult performers Savannah Stern, Hailey Young and Trisha Oaks.

“Content is the lifeblood of the adult industry,” Snijders told XBIZ. “Without it there is no industry. But there is a lot of competition out there. We’ve found a way to streamline those costs and still produce quality content.”

Snijders spent more that 10 years in the mainstream as a designer, first for Disney and then HGTV. He said, along with teaching him how to produce and direct, the experiences spurred him into his entrepreneurial role.

“I realized that maybe working for corporate America is not the best thing,” Snijders said.

Snijders and Angel own the webmaster affiliate program ExxxcelCash.